Welcome to Our Baltimore Team!

We are very pleased to announce that DiPietro Family Law Group has officially opened our Baltimore office! Attorney Joel Segall and Paralegal Margo Economos join the firm, and will run the office out of Owings Mills, MD. Joel joins as a Partner, and the office will be our second in Maryland with DiPietro & Wise, LLC.

More about our new team members here:

joel segall






Joel Segall
Joel is an experienced family law practitioner. He is understanding of the needs of his clients, and is proactive in obtaining the best possible results. He accomplishes this by making a personal connection with his clients as a trusted advisor, and aims to empower each client with the ability to make informed decisions. Joel finds that empathy, genuine concern and availability are important to any client navigating through a divorce, and strives to provide each client with the individual attention they deserve.

Joel has primarily handled family law cases involving child custody, property, child support, alimony and retirement distribution. He has mediation experience, as well as training as a Best Interest Attorney. Immediately prior to joining DiPietro & Wise, LLC, he operated a general practice, where the primary focus was on family law. His professional background has allowed him to mentor junior attorneys in an office environment centered around team building.  Honesty and candor are very important attributes that he has stressed throughout his legal career.

Joel values staying current in his area of practice, and participates in Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs to constantly keep up with the latest developments in the family law area, appellate court decisions, legislative changes and trends. Joel is a graduate of the Washington & Lee University, (B.A. 1981), Summa Cum Laude and the Georgetown University Law Center, (J.D. 1984).

Margo Economos





Margo Economos
Margo Economos serves as a Paralegal, dedicated to problem solving and interacting with our clients. She works with our attorneys to help draft pleadings and motions, affidavits, final divorce decrees and many other legal documents.

Margo provides support with empathy and care. With a light-hearted approach, she finds the silver lining in every situation while also separating emotions and facts, and focusing on finding the best possible solution to any given problem. Our clients find comfort in working with Margo and know that an outcome will be reached.

Margo is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Towson University.


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