Divorcing When There’s an Imbalance of Power In Your Relationship

Did your spouse wear the cliched pants in your relationship? If so, you could be vulnerable to bullying during the dissolution process—especially if you suffered verbal abuse or passive aggressive behavior while married. Your ex’s manipulation and hostile conduct could convince you to take property or custody deals clearly not in your best interest or […]

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mediation tips

Six Tips For Getting What You Need Out of the Divorce Mediation Process

Pain-free divorce may not exist, but mediation could help you minimize the drama of dissolution. Like any divorce method, it must be approached strategically; enter mediation sessions unprepared, and you’ll emerge with little to show for your efforts. Follow these mediation tips to ensure a more favorable outcome: Highlight A Few Chief Priorities Before you […]

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Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

          By Guest Blogger Derek S. Cervoni People involved in family law matters may also have disabilities that ​affect their ability to work, and in turn, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits may be involved.  We explain below, some basic characteristics to determine if someone qualifies for SSDI benefits. If you […]

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Understanding the Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act

Many ex-spouses of former military members recognize the acronym USFSPA (short for the Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act) but do not fully understand its meaning. The federal legislation addresses common concerns regarding eligibility for retirement pay and benefits after divorce, establishing standards for medical care and retirement pay. As the former spouse of a […]

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A Guide to Military Health Benefits After Divorce

As the former spouse of a military member, you once enjoyed access to extensive health care benefits. Sadly, eligibility often ends upon divorce, especially for younger individuals or those married for just a few years. Keep the following considerations in mind as you explore your options for post-divorce health care coverage: TRICARE and the 20/20/20 […]

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Top Regrets About Divorce

Many divorcees regret splitting up. Others still feel confident in their decision, but wish they had approached the process differently. They hope that, by sharing their stories, they can help others avoid similar mistakes. Keep the following lessons in mind as you proceed with your divorce: Not Filing Soon Enough Many people regret the timing […]

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Evidence That Technology Is Eroding Our Intimate Relationships

From online bill pay to car sharing services, modern technology affords us many conveniences once deemed impossible. These come at a price, however; both empirical evidence and personal anecdotes indicate that technology can damage our closest relationships. Keep reading to learn more about how modern couples cope—and if it’s possible to mitigate the worst effects […]

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Your Due Diligence As a Family Law Client

Your family law attorney should provide prompt and effective service, guiding you through the complications of child custody, property settlements, adoption or other vital issues. Unfortunately, not all lawyers offer the same quality of service. Be on the alert for the following red flags: The Lawyer Includes Incorrect Information in Legal Briefs or Motions Effective […]

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