Preparing For a Deposition in Your Divorce Case: Best and Worst Practices

A crucial discovery tool, deposition allows your soon-to-be ex and his counsel to preview your testimony. The deposing attorney asks specific questions while a certified reporter records responses and attorney objections in a written transcript. The following suggestions can help you make the most of the deposition process: Apply the Same Vigilance You’d Use to […]

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Five Fascinating Perspectives on Divorce Mediation

Mediation is often lauded as the simple and straightforward alternative to litigation-based divorce. But is this true? While alternative dispute resolution can prove incredibly valuable in certain contexts, it’s far more complex than most divorcing spouses suspect. The following five perspectives will give you a better feel for the mediation process and what it can […]

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selling the home

Selling the Home During or Right After a Divorce: Tips and Traps

Many divorcing couples fight over home ownership, but those who prefer to move on to new residences face an equally difficult process: selling their once-shared home and splitting the proceeds. Selling property causes significant stress in the best of circumstances; during a divorce, it has the potential to unhinge the conversation. Follow these tips to […]

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A Smart List of Questions to Ask Your Family Law Attorney About Mediation

Mediation allows couples to settle their differences amicably, quickly and privately. It’s not appropriate for everyone, however, so ask your family law attorney these questions: How does mediation compare to other types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR)? For instance, the collaborative process (a different type of ADR) coordinates a team of experts to resolve challenges […]

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Coming to Terms With a Divorce Court Order That You Don’t Like

Divorce is about compromise; nobody walks away fully satisfied. But what if you made most of the compromises, and your ex received the better deal? Modification may be possible down the road, but for now, inner peace will only arrive if you make the most of your present situation. These tips will help you come […]

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What Are the Biggest Regrets People Have About Divorce? Part 1

Regret is a perfectly natural emotion to feel whenever you make any big change in your life—even a positive change or a transition that you thoughtfully chose. So if you’re feeling twangs along the lines of “should we really be doing this?” about your divorce, appreciate that you’re far from alone. A notable study from […]

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best friend

Helping a Best Friend Through Divorce

Significant others may be temporary, but best friends are forever. Your BFF’s marriage is over, and you’re needed now more than ever. Your job as best friend is to navigate the fine line between support and smothering. These guidelines will help you act as a lifeline through the storm of your friend’s divorce: Childcare and […]

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empty nest divorce

Should You Wait Until Your Kids Leave the Nest to Get Divorced?

When couples who should arguably split remain together far longer than advisable, they typically claim that they’re doing so for the sake of their kids. Some remain together until their children graduate from high school, only to separate once they’re empty nesters. But does this approach have any merit? Keep the following considerations in mind […]

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