Divorcing When You Have Children From Your Current Marriage AND a Previous One—Special Considerations

Modern families increasingly include children from two or more parents. These families face unique complications upon divorce. Suddenly, already complicated custody and support negotiations become even more confusing. Struggling to make sense of your divorce and the future it will create for each of your children? Keep the following essential considerations in mind: Custody Custody […]

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Divorcing When You Have a Special Needs Child: Strategies for a Fair and Safe Outcome

Many couples remain in troubled marriages far longer than advisable, simply because they fear the impact of a bitter divorce on their special needs children. Although understandable, this approach arguably puts these children through even more grief. Keep reading to learn more about special considerations in special needs divorces: Visitation: Minimizing Adjustments Many families schedule […]

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How to Prevent Divorce From Impairing Your Performance at Work

Divorce causes turmoil both in your home life and on the job, where the stress of custody hearings and depositions may leave you unable to give 100 percent. Your compromised performance could lead to undesirable feedback, demotion, or worst of all, job loss. Your job could be the one element of stability that remains in […]

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When Litigation Makes More Sense Than Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can pave the path to a faster and more amicable divorce, but it’s not ideal in every situation. The following examples highlight the positive role litigation can play in select divorces: Unilateral Divorce In an ideal divorce, both spouses agree to end their relationship on relatively friendly terms. But what if […]

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5 Annoying Consequences if the Details of Your Divorce Become Public

Like other court proceedings, divorce is, by default, a public matter. Most courts prioritize the public’s right to access this information over personal preferences. Courts can seal records in select situations, but there’s no guarantee they’ll remain sealed. So what could happen if your divorce goes public? Here are five frustrating possibilities: Revelations of addiction […]

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International Divorce 101: Part 1

There is no such thing as an easy divorce, but some separations are especially complicated. When couples dissolve their marriages while living in different countries, they face unique difficulties and often a frustratingly extended timeline. Keep reading to learn more about the many challenges related to international divorce: Why Do People Pursue International Divorce? Absence […]

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blindsided by divorce

Blindsided! Your Husband Just Announced He Wants a Divorce

Until recently, you felt confident about your marriage and your future with your husband. Suddenly, all that has been called into question—your husband wants to divorce. Brace yourself: this adjustment period will be difficult. By taking action, however, you can take back some control over the situation. Add these seven tasks to your to-do list: […]

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