7 Online Resources to Help You Be a Smarter, Safer Co-Parent

Co-parenting is tough even if you are on good terms with your ex-spouse. Thankfully, there are an abundance of resources available to guide you through this difficult journey. The following are especially worth checking out: Our Family Wizard Ex-spouses with differing schedules find it exceedingly difficult to coordinate. That’s where Our Family Wizard comes in. […]

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Visitation Agreements in Marriages Where one Spouse in Deployed

Virginia is a military state. There are at least 117,000 active members of the military in Virginia and 27 military bases. Even though the divorce rate is low for military families — about 3.5 percent, according to the Pentagon — it does happen. Military divorces are similar to civilian divorces in many ways, however, visitation […]

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Effects Of Domestic Violence In Your Child Custody Case

No one doubts that domestic violence is a very serious issue. Even one second of lost control, one bad day, one moment can change the family dynamic forever, and can even have serious psychological and legal consequences. This is particularly true when it comes to divorce, where a couple finds themselves in a disagreement over […]

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Relocating Out-Of-State And Child Custody

Often following a divorce or bad breakup one or both of the parties consider moving away. Maybe you want to live closer to family or receive an offer for a nicer job.  Perhaps the cost of living is better across state lines.  If you have minor children with your ex, however, you can’t simply pack […]

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How Child Custody Arrangements Can Be Modified

Child custody arrangements are often a significant source of disagreement in any divorce negotiation involving children. Even if both parties initially agree on a custody plan, changing circumstances may result in the need for modification to the original arrangement. Fortunately, the court system has recognized that custody plans must be easily altered to suit the […]

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restoring parental rights

Restoring your parental rights in Virginia

The United States Supreme Court has recognized a parent’s interest in raising and caring for their children to be one of the most important fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, there are still circumstances under which a person’s parental rights may be terminated. If a parent has demonstrated a history of repeated child abuse or […]

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Uncertain About Attending a Divorce Seminar? These FAQs Can Help

We understand it is a big step to attend a workshop like this. Sometimes, it may even be your very first step toward a divorce. And really, that’s why we put these workshops on: to offer support, resources and guidance to those entering a very difficult process. The seminars are for YOU. Below are answers […]

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visitation interference

What to Do If Your Ex Interferes With Child Visitation

If you had children with your ex-spouse or an ex from a previous relationship, one of the biggest issues that must be resolved is determining who gets primary custody of your child and what the visitation rights will be. While these schedules can either be worked-out between you and your ex or decided by the […]

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