Adoption Law

Parental Placement Adoption — The Need-to-Know Basics

Many birth parents prefer to place their children directly with adoptive parents they select themselves. In Virginia, this approach is known as parental placement adoption—and the Virginia Code governs it. This process ensures that biological parents, adoptive parents and adopted children enjoy the same protections provided through social services or agency-based adoptions. Read on to […]

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Do Live-In Partners Get Legal Influence Over the Lives of the Children?

All families are different. It’s common for children to be raised in blended families, when both partners have children from previous relationships, or by gay and lesbian couples who are building a family of their own. However, when there are a lot of people involved in raising children, things can get complicated, especially when the […]

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Trying To Adopt? These 7 Books Will Put You In The Right Frame Of Mind And Get You Thinking Clearly About The Process

Adoption is not something to be decided on a whim. Many factors must be taken into account before you begin this exciting but exhausting process. Do your research and check out these seven books: The Adoption Decision by Laura Christianson Are you really ready for adoption? Laura Christianson’s groundbreaking book on adoption will present you with the […]

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Tips For Learning Your Adopted Child’s Language

  International adoption can be a huge learning experience. In addition to learning more than you ever wanted about the complexities of the adoption process, you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about your child’s culture. You can enhance this cultural discovery by learning your adopted child’s native language. This will also make your child’s […]

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Simone Biles’ Story and the Power of Adoption

Remarkable adoptive parents have raised some of the world’s most influential figures. Simone Biles is the perfect example of how adoption can lead to great things; raised by her biological grandparents (whom she refers to as her mom and dad), Biles was encouraged to pursue her dreams. She probably would not have become an Olympic gymnast without […]

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5 FAQs about International Adoption

According to the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, there were 5,644 international adoptions in 2015—less than a quarter of the staggering 22,734 peak reached in 2004. Although there is a complex intersection of explanations for this steadily-declining statistic, the appeal of international adoptions could arguably be improved by simply improving access to information. This […]

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restoring parental rights

Restoring your parental rights in Virginia

The United States Supreme Court has recognized a parent’s interest in raising and caring for their children to be one of the most important fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, there are still circumstances under which a person’s parental rights may be terminated. If a parent has demonstrated a history of repeated child abuse or […]

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Surrogacy Agreements in Virginia

The Need For Surrogacy Agreements in Virginia

Whether for personal reasons, physical/biological reasons or both, surrogacy arrangements are not uncommon in the United States. In fact, more and more couples are conceiving children through surrogates every year. In Virginia, however, you may be surprised how the law describes the parentage of a child. Most surrogacy cases involve: the (a) intended parents; (b) […]

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