divorce gene

Is There a Divorce Gene? What Role Does Genetics Play in Divorce?

Ample research indicates that children with divorced parents are more likely to also divorce. Previously, experts assumed that children simply modeled their parents’ relationship patterns, thereby increasing the likelihood of dissolution. New evidence, however, turns this version of nature versus nurture on its head. Genetics likely plays a greater role in divorce than once assumed, […]

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Setting Goals After You Divorce—The Right Way, According to Science

Goal-setting is a natural response to divorce. Equipped with more time and, perhaps, a better budget, you hope to embrace your new life in a way not possible while married. Exercise caution; the wrong goals or approach could harm your post-divorce well-being. Ready to get started? Follow these steps to develop realistic goals that deliver […]

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Moving On After Divorce – Be Careful

As a recent divorcee, you’re eager to start fresh. You may have already set a few ambitious goals. There’s nothing inherently wrong with forging a new path, but be careful: the wrong approach could result in additional suffering. When Goal Setting Doesn’t Work In a culture of New Year’s resolutions, we simply assume that ambitious […]

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jealousy after divorce

How to Process Your Jealousy When Your Ex-Spouse Starts Dating Again

No matter how necessary your divorce, you’re bound to feel at least a twinge of jealousy when your ex hits the dating market. After years, even decades together, you feel a certain sense of possessiveness. Follow these steps to process your jealousy and move on with your life: Acknowledge That Your Feelings Are Valid Just […]

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Separating While Going Through a Major Medical Event—Survival Strategies

Cancer, autoimmune diseases and other medical struggles can strain even the strongest marriages. Some couples manage to pull through, while others find the difficulties impossible to weather together. Divorce can provide ample relief for couples struggling through medical catastrophe, but it also adds new burdens. The healthy spouse may be forced to divorce on grounds […]

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divorce in 2017

Eye-Opening Statistics About Americans and Divorce in 2017

Modern marriage and divorce looks little like it did just a few decades ago. Today’s couples may be less likely to marry, but they’re also less likely to divorce. Prenups and divorce selfies are increasingly common in this strange new world. Read on to learn more about the role divorce plays in 2017, and how […]

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