Divorcing When There’s an Imbalance of Power In Your Relationship

Did your spouse wear the cliched pants in your relationship? If so, you could be vulnerable to bullying during the dissolution process—especially if you suffered verbal abuse or passive aggressive behavior while married. Your ex’s manipulation and hostile conduct could convince you to take property or custody deals clearly not in your best interest or […]

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mediation tips

Six Tips For Getting What You Need Out of the Divorce Mediation Process

Pain-free divorce may not exist, but mediation could help you minimize the drama of dissolution. Like any divorce method, it must be approached strategically; enter mediation sessions unprepared, and you’ll emerge with little to show for your efforts. Follow these mediation tips to ensure a more favorable outcome: Highlight A Few Chief Priorities Before you […]

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Parental Placement Adoption — The Need-to-Know Basics

Many birth parents prefer to place their children directly with adoptive parents they select themselves. In Virginia, this approach is known as parental placement adoption—and the Virginia Code governs it. This process ensures that biological parents, adoptive parents and adopted children enjoy the same protections provided through social services or agency-based adoptions. Read on to […]

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Life As an Empty Nester: How Your Relationship With Your Spouse Will Change

Children bring ample stress to otherwise happy marriages, but ultimately, they also draw spouses closer together. Many couples struggle to relate after their kids fly the coop and the day-to-day obligations of child rearing disappear. Those who understand the inevitable complications of life as an empty nester may be better equipped to embrace this opportunity. […]

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Understanding the Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act

Many ex-spouses of former military members recognize the acronym USFSPA (short for the Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act) but do not fully understand its meaning. The federal legislation addresses common concerns regarding eligibility for retirement pay and benefits after divorce, establishing standards for medical care and retirement pay. As the former spouse of a […]

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Great Questions Clients Should Ask a Virginia Family Law Attorney

From divorce to adoption, your family law attorney guides you through several of life’s most emotional moments. Choose the wrong representative, and you may sacrifice your relationships, your health and your long-term happiness. Vetting is essential, but the standard questions may not be good enough. Treat the search for an attorney like employee recruitment: ask […]

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Critical Questions About Divorce That Have No Easy Answers

Expect to ask and answer a myriad of questions as you navigate the divorce process alongside your attorney. Some (such as deadlines) involve simple answers, while others are unfortunately far more complicated. If you ask one of the following questions, be prepared for a lengthy answer: Will I Benefit Most From Mediation, Collaboration, or Litigation? […]

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