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divorce shock

Why Do Some People Stay in Relationships That Make Them Miserable?

Everybody knows of at least one couple that does not belong together, and yet, can’t seem to cut ties. These partners are clearly miserable, and they make everybody around them uncomfortable. Why, then, if their incompatibility is so obvious, do they continue to stick it out? A few key reasons are highlighted below. Fear of […]

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How Much Stress Do Children Put On Relationships?

Kids transform even the happiest, most care-free marriages. Sleepless nights, strained finances, and social isolation can test the strongest relationships. The good news? It gets better. Read on to learn about the role kids could play in your relationship: The Bad News: Children Reduce Relationship Satisfaction It doesn’t take a genius to understand that stress […]

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second divorce

Remembering and Understanding the Lessons of Your First Divorce to Get Through Your Second Divorce

Ample research indicates that second and third marriages hold greater potential for divorce. Unfortunately, this information is little comfort as you tackle the complications of yet another dissolution. If there’s one source of comfort during this difficult time, it’s the knowledge that you made it through divorce once before—and you can again. Furthermore, you know […]

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child divorce anxiety

Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety During Your Divorce

Anxiety disorders have reached epidemic proportions among today’s youth; the National Institute of Mental Health reports that anxiety impacts 25.1 percent of those between the ages of 13 and 18. Research suggests that divorce can complicate existing behavioral disorders as well as spark symptoms in previously unaffected children. With your help, however, your children can […]

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child abduction

Child Abduction During Divorce

Despite regular warnings of stranger danger, the vast majority of child abductions involve trusted individuals, including the child’s own parents. Angry about undesirable custody outcomes or simply keen to exact vengeance on an ex, parents may assume they have the right to disappear with their child. The following statistics shine a terrifying light on the […]

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Serial Divorces: What Can Repeat Divorcees Do to Break the Pattern?

Many of today’s couples avoid marriage altogether, but on the other end of the spectrum, several marry—and divorce—multiple times. United States Census data from 2013 indicates that over nine million Americans have tied the knot at least three times. Frequency of divorce varies significantly from one region to the next, with a whopping eleven percent […]

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modify divorce settlement

How Hard Is It to Modify a Divorce Settlement?

From medical bills to loss of income, a variety of changing circumstances can make it all but impossible for you or your spouse to abide by the original terms of your divorce settlement. Change is possible, but it’s not easy. Keep the following considerations in mind as you seek to modify your divorce settlement: Child […]

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5 Estate Planning Strategies to Address ASAP After a Divorce

Half of Americans die prior to writing their will, leaving the legacy of their estate in question. This is particularly common among divorced estate holders, who often forget to complete their will after finalizing dissolution. If you’ve recently divorced, don’t forget to tackle these essential estate planning strategies: Revoking Your Will Your first estate planning […]

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