Child Support

Special Complications of Same-Sex Divorce

The United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in the United States with the landmark 2015 case Obergefell v. Hodges. This ruling stipulates that the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses ensure a fundamental right to marriage for same-sex couples. With marriage, however, comes divorce—and our legal system remains woefully unprepared to handle […]

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modify divorce settlement

How Hard Is It to Modify a Divorce Settlement?

From medical bills to loss of income, a variety of changing circumstances can make it all but impossible for you or your spouse to abide by the original terms of your divorce settlement. Change is possible, but it’s not easy. Keep the following considerations in mind as you seek to modify your divorce settlement: Child […]

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co-parenting tips

Co-parenting With Your Ex: Tips On Getting Along

Even for happily married spouses, being on the same page as parents can be difficult, so, unsurprisingly, co-parenting as divorced parents brings its unique set of challenges. You and your ex have committed to this approach. You believe that each parent has a role to play in your children’s lives. And you work with each […]

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Divorcing When You Have Children From Your Current Marriage AND a Previous One—Special Considerations

Modern families increasingly include children from two or more parents. These families face unique complications upon divorce. Suddenly, already complicated custody and support negotiations become even more confusing. Struggling to make sense of your divorce and the future it will create for each of your children? Keep the following essential considerations in mind: Custody Custody […]

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Divorcing When You Have a Special Needs Child: Strategies for a Fair and Safe Outcome

Many couples remain in troubled marriages far longer than advisable, simply because they fear the impact of a bitter divorce on their special needs children. Although understandable, this approach arguably puts these children through even more grief. Keep reading to learn more about special considerations in special needs divorces: Visitation: Minimizing Adjustments Many families schedule […]

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Coming to Terms With a Divorce Court Order That You Don’t Like

Divorce is about compromise; nobody walks away fully satisfied. But what if you made most of the compromises, and your ex received the better deal? Modification may be possible down the road, but for now, inner peace will only arrive if you make the most of your present situation. These tips will help you come […]

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Extracurricular activities and child support

People who are divorcing negotiate child support based on the child’s basic needs: Food, shelter and clothes. To help determine the amount of the child support order, Virginia courts use the child support guidelines approved by the state’s General Assembly. The guidelines take into consideration the needs of the child as well as each parent’s […]

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7 Online Resources to Help You Be a Smarter, Safer Co-Parent

Co-parenting is tough even if you are on good terms with your ex-spouse. Thankfully, there are an abundance of resources available to guide you through this difficult journey. The following are especially worth checking out: Our Family Wizard Ex-spouses with differing schedules find it exceedingly difficult to coordinate. That’s where Our Family Wizard comes in. […]

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