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As divorce lawyers who work closely with individuals struggling through the breakdown of a marriage, visitation and custody disputes, property division and many other domestic issues, we welcome you to our Free Resources section.

If you are facing a divorce or family law issue in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. or Georgia, please prepare yourself. You need a trusted legal source of divorce assistance and guidance, to ensure you take the proper steps to protect your rights—while managing the emotional and financial strain created by family disputes.

You do not have to go it alone. If your life has been shaken by divorce—or if you have questions about child support, father’s or mother’s rights, adoption or any other family legal issue—you have come to the right place. We hope you’ll view our website as a great source of information and support.

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Download a free copy of our highly informative eBook. Written in plain language, the book is available for Virginia and Maryland jurisdictions, with our Georgia edition coming soon. 101 FAQs about Getting Divorced is a valuable resource. Learn more and download your copy using the buttons below:

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As divorce attorneys, we are particularly attentive to the fact that clients and visitors to our website are dealing with complicated, emotionally charged legal issues. For many people, divorce and family conflicts become their first dealings with lawyers, courts, litigation and the whole judicial system. For this reason, DiPietro Family Law Group offers informative videos about common legal issues with which spouses, mothers, fathers, children and grandparents must contend.

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We publish our blog to help inform you on the issues that might impact your case. One thing we hope you gain by visiting our blog–whether your legal problem concerns a military divorce, international family law, assisted reproduction, or who gets which assets–it is that you have options.

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