Separating While Going Through a Major Medical Event—Survival Strategies

Cancer, autoimmune diseases and other medical struggles can strain even the strongest marriages. Some couples manage to pull through, while others find the difficulties impossible to weather together. Divorce can provide ample relief for couples struggling through medical catastrophe, but it also adds new burdens. The healthy spouse may be forced to divorce on grounds […]

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second divorce

Remembering and Understanding the Lessons of Your First Divorce to Get Through Your Second Divorce

Ample research indicates that second and third marriages hold greater potential for divorce. Unfortunately, this information is little comfort as you tackle the complications of yet another dissolution. If there’s one source of comfort during this difficult time, it’s the knowledge that you made it through divorce once before—and you can again. Furthermore, you know […]

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mediation tips

Six Tips For Getting What You Need Out of the Divorce Mediation Process

Pain-free divorce may not exist, but mediation could help you minimize the drama of dissolution. Like any divorce method, it must be approached strategically; enter mediation sessions unprepared, and you’ll emerge with little to show for your efforts. Follow these mediation tips to ensure a more favorable outcome: Highlight A Few Chief Priorities Before you […]

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Critical Questions About Divorce That Have No Easy Answers

Expect to ask and answer a myriad of questions as you navigate the divorce process alongside your attorney. Some (such as deadlines) involve simple answers, while others are unfortunately far more complicated. If you ask one of the following questions, be prepared for a lengthy answer: Will I Benefit Most From Mediation, Collaboration, or Litigation? […]

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Litigating Your Divorce—How To Minimize the Time, Cost, Stress and Drama

Stereotypical TV and movie divorces occur in the courtroom, where spouses passionately shout at one another. Mediation proves more popular in real life, but it’s not a realistic option for all spouses. Thankfully, if you require litigation, you’re not doomed to an expensive and stressful ordeal. The following strategies will help you avoid the worst […]

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When Litigation Makes More Sense Than Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can pave the path to a faster and more amicable divorce, but it’s not ideal in every situation. The following examples highlight the positive role litigation can play in select divorces: Unilateral Divorce In an ideal divorce, both spouses agree to end their relationship on relatively friendly terms. But what if […]

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Five Fascinating Perspectives on Divorce Mediation

Mediation is often lauded as the simple and straightforward alternative to litigation-based divorce. But is this true? While alternative dispute resolution can prove incredibly valuable in certain contexts, it’s far more complex than most divorcing spouses suspect. The following five perspectives will give you a better feel for the mediation process and what it can […]

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A Smart List of Questions to Ask Your Family Law Attorney About Mediation

Mediation allows couples to settle their differences amicably, quickly and privately. It’s not appropriate for everyone, however, so ask your family law attorney these questions: How does mediation compare to other types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR)? For instance, the collaborative process (a different type of ADR) coordinates a team of experts to resolve challenges […]

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What Are the Biggest Regrets People Have About Divorce? Part 1

Regret is a perfectly natural emotion to feel whenever you make any big change in your life—even a positive change or a transition that you thoughtfully chose. So if you’re feeling twangs along the lines of “should we really be doing this?” about your divorce, appreciate that you’re far from alone. A notable study from […]

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Selling Your House After Divorce: Do’s And Don’ts

You and your soon-to-be ex prefer to sell your home and pursue a fresh start. Making this decision is the easy part; now you need to deal with the usual complications of selling real estate, all while under the strain of divorce. Keep the process as simple and stress-free as possible by following these basic […]

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