Child Support

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Child support can be an emotionally charged issue. We understand that child support is about the well-being of the child or children and not about creating a windfall for the former spouse. Whether you are faced with paying child support or seeking child support from your former spouse, we can help you navigate the complex legal issues involved in a child support case.

There are a variety of factors that the courts will use to determine the amount of child support for each case. The parent who has custody of the child most of the time will usually receive child support. The amount of child support a parent pays or receives is based largely upon a predetermined calculation, but there are circumstances under which this calculation can be adjusted upward or downward. These situations may account for hardships, financial responsibilities for other children, or economically significant special needs of the child. DiPietro Family Law Group has the experience to help you obtain the child support arrangement that you and your child deserve.

For Information about child support in your jurisdiction, please refer to the following information pages:

The resources above can help you understand the basics of child support. However, every case is different and you should contact a child support lawyer to make sure that the best interest of your child is being considered.

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