Collaborative Divorce

Using the Collaborative Process for Divorce

Despite the best intentions, many marriages come to an end, and spouses go their separate ways. There are different paths toward divorce. The Collaborative route offers couples a respectful, dignified approach that preserves rather than destroys. As a marriage ends, Collaborative Divorce sets a new direction for the future through a less confrontational process.

Collaborative Divorce is often called “no-court” divorce. Both parties seek advice from a team of professionals including a lawyer, financial planner and a mental health professional to create a solution that takes into account the legal, financial and emotional well-being of both parties and their family. Both sides work together towards a lasting, durable agreement while avoiding the emotional and financial toll of a court-based divorce.

For Information about obtaining a collaborative divorce in your jurisdiction, please refer to the following information pages:

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If you are interested in learning more about the Collaborative Process, you can visit the website of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals for more information. When you are ready to talk to a Collaborative Practice attorney, please contact DiPietro Family Law for a consultation.

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