Collaborative Divorce in Northern Virginia

For many people, the thought of getting a divorce conjures up images of drawn out court battles where the parties fight over every single detail not matter how insignificant they may be in the long run.  While this certain does happen in some of the most contentious cases, a process known as collaborative divorce is becoming increasingly more coming divorce cases in Northern Virginia.

The driving force behind the collaborative divorce path is get the parties through the process with as little stress as possible so that every can maintain their civility and dignity can concentrate on moving on with their respective lives instead of being mired in drawn out litigation heavy divorce.

How does the Collaborative Divorce Process work in North Virginia?

You have probably heard of the term collaborative divorce before, which is how you found this website, but you are likely interesting in finding out exactly how the process works in Northern Virginia divorce cases.

The process involves your Northern Virginia divorce attorney and your spouse’s attorney bringing collaborative divorce professionals together to help you and your spouse resolve your differences, hopefully prior to filing an actual divorce case in the court.   For this reason, a collaborative divorce is often called a “no-court” divorce.

Who are the Collaborative Divorce Professional involved in the process?

In addition to an experienced domestic relations attorney, you will also likely be working with a financial planner, at least one mental health professional, and if there are children involved, possibly a parenting coordinator.  A parenting coordinator or (PC) as they divorce attorneys often call them, are experts as working about custody and visitation issues and helping parents work together so that their children do not experience any unnecessary stress in this already emotional transition in their lives.    One of the most difficult things for children is to see their parents fighting and the collaborative divorce process is designed to allow both parents to work together.

The financial planner, and tax professional if necessary can assist the parties when making property division decisions with a better understanding of the different options will financially affect the parties in the future.  The tax advice is also very helpful so that the amount paid in taxes can properly considered.

If you chose to go with traditional litigation instead of a collaborative approach, or your spouse is not interesting in working together, the court may end up making some of these decisions for you, and an agreement among the parties is usually preferable.

However it should be noted that while the collaborative divorce process has many advantages, if this is not feasible for whatever reason, you want to make sure you have an experienced Northern Virginia divorce attorney on your side to fight for your rights and do whatever he or she can within the confines of the situation to get you the best result possible.

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