Collaborative Divorce in Washington, DC

When people think about the prospect of getting a divorce, they often fear the worst.  This involves a long and drawn out legal battle, where the parties are constantly fighting about every little issue.  In come cases, the fighting escalates so that it seems like every family member and friend has been drawn into the process. While this certainly can happen, a divorce does not have to end up like this.  In many cases, the parties are able to get through the process in a civilized and dignified manner. Whether or not the parties can get along during the divorce process often depends upon how many issues on which the parties can agree prior to filling a divorce:

Uncontested Divorce With Total Agreement

If the parties can agree on every aspect of the divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division, the parties can file an uncontested divorce packet.  Your experienced Washington, DC divorce lawyer can prepare the packet and get you a court date on the uncontested docket for domestic relations matters in the Family Division of the DC Superior Court.

Uncontested Divorce Without Agreement

In many cases, there is argument about whether there are sufficient grounds to get a divorce.  However, there may also be serious disagreement about child custody, child visitation, spousal support, and property division.  In these cases, you could fight about everything in court, or you could try to work together through what is known as the collaborative divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce in Washington, DC

Our firm regularly handles divorce cases through what is known as the collaborative divorce process.  This involves a team of professionals working to together to help the parties work together to resolve all of their legal issues, so that they get through the process with dignity and respect for one another.  This is often the best thing than can happen to the parties in terms of mental well-being, and it is also generally in the best interests of the minor children involved in the process.

Your experienced DC divorce attorney will work alongside collaborative professionals, such as a financial planner, a mental health professional, and a parenting coordinator.  The key is for the parties to work out an agreement that really works for everyone involved, including the children, and one in which the parties will not end up fighting about later.  The goal is to keep the parties out of court as much as possible, which is why the process is often called a “no court divorce.”

In addition to the private resources your divorce attorney can discuss with you, the District of Columbia Court also offers a mediation process known as “Multidoor.”  The name implies that parties may be able to work out their differences without the need to go through the doors to a courtroom for a contested trial.

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