High Net Worth Divorce

A divorce is a difficult and complex process for any couple, and especially couples with high-value assets to be protected and distributed. DiPietro Family Law Group helps people maintain their lifestyle and financial security though divorce. We regularly advise successful business owners and professionals, such as entrepreneurs, real estate investors, consultants, doctors, attorneys and engineers. We understand how to protect assets and also how to ensure each partner gets their fair share of marital property. Our capabilities include the capacity to handle complex situations involving the division of and/or protection of the following assets:

  • Business property, profits and equity
  • Stocks and investment interests, including stock options and private stocks included in employee benefit packages
  • Pensions, 401(k) accounts and other retirement plans
  • Real property, such as vacation homes and rental properties
  • Other high-value personal and real property

For Information about high net worth divorce in your jurisdiction, please refer to the following information pages:

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