Military Divorce

Military Divorce Lawyer Serving Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Georgia

Military divorce is the same as any other divorce in most ways. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act is a federal statute for the military guiding them to accept state statues for divorce. Issues such as child support, spousal support and division of assets will be governed by Virginia law if you are filing for a divorce in Virginia.

There are additional factors that could affect your military divorce. For example, if you or your spouse is on active duty and stationed remotely or overseas, the process could take longer. Your states residency requirements could become a factor, depending on where you or your spouse are stationed. An attorney with military divorce experience will help you sort through these issues.

Military Benefits and Retirement Pay

One of the biggest issues in a military divorce is the impact a divorce has on military health insurance benefits and military retirement pay. There are specific guidelines that determine whether health benefits and retirement payments are payable to non-military ex-spouse. You should contact an experienced military divorce lawyer to go over your situation and ensure that you and your family are protected after your divorce.

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