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Your divorce doesn’t need to end badly. If you need a family law or divorce lawyer in Rockville contact DiPietro Family Law Group. The team members in our Rockville office are ready to help you fight to protect yourself, your children and your assets during this difficult time.

We believe in taking an extraordinary approach when we serve you. Instead of being treated like a case file, you will be treated with respect and kindness that can help you grow personally and feel positive and empowered as you’re filing for divorce.

Rely on an Expert

Divorce touches on the most meaningful portions of our lives. It affects where you live, how often you see your children, and your personal property. If you work with an experienced divorce attorney, you have a much better chance of achieving your desired outcomes.

DiPietro Family Law Group understands what you’re going through, since we’ve helped so many clients in the same situation. We will guide you through the system until you reach a settlement you’re happy with, or if necessary, until you win your case in court. Though we always first pursue amicable solutions that please all parties, we’re fully prepared to litigate on your behalf.

Whatever nuances or specifics surround your case, trust that we have your best interests at heart. We want you to feel confident and totally supported as we work together for your desired outcome.

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To speak with a qualified divorce lawyer, call the DiPietro Family Law Group  Rockville, MD, office at 301.970.9286. We’re ready to help you get started so that your divorce can proceed smoothly and efficiently. Call today to set an appointment.

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