Enforcing a Prenuptial Agreement After Final Divorce Decree

I had the amazing luck of finding a wonderful lawyer at one of the most difficult times of my life, and I wanted to write this review to hopefully help others who seek legal guidance.

Joseph DiPietro is a remarkable lawyer. From the start, it is so evident that he is so confident in what he knows and what he can do, and he exudes that confidence. His confidence is very empowering and feels so natural, and you know you are in good hands and that feeling is priceless.

When I met Mr. DiPietro, I had completely lost hope. I have had a lawyer for more than a year and his services unfortunately did not bring a timely resolution, and at the time any resolution to my case seemed impossible. There was almost no one I can seek guidance from, because my situation was very particular. Then finally I found Mr. DiPietro.

During our first conversation with Mr. DiPietro, for the first time in more than a year I had hope, and it is the most important thing so you won’t give up. He was very positive, professional, knowledgeable and detail oriented. He gathered all the information he required from me without me even thinking about what I need to convey to him. I am not good with details, and do not have any legal knowledge. Therefore, I needed to find someone I can depend on and trust completely. In addition, I am a foreigner and I do not always communicate very well since English is my second language, so I was particularly grateful for his patience, impeccable fact finding skills and communication abilities.

Mr. DiPietro is also very responsive. He always responds to emails and phone calls within a day at the latest. This in itself gave me so much peace because I knew if I needed him I can reach him. He always provided very professional legal counsel, always to the point and always with the attitude of positivity. The consistency in his services allowed me to gage my expectations and again created a peace of mind in such tough times.

In addition to his legal knowledge, he is also very kind and generous. Finding a kind, generous and with a willingness to listen lawyer is an extremely rare opportunity, and I am extremely grateful to have found one.

In addition to my wonderful experience with Mr. DiPietro during the development of my case: My case reached completion within a couple of months with a very positive outcome, even if it was a very complex case. But his ‘to-the-point’ and focused approach combined with his extraordinary legal knowledge brought a resolution to my case very fast.

He changed my life. Because of him, finally I can live in peace knowing that justice prevailed and I can move forward with my life with hope for my future. Knowing and working with Mr. DiPietro was a gift that I will forever be grateful for.

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