Finding the Right Divorce Attorney in Metro DC

What does a wife of 30 years do after her world comes crashing down and her spouse deserts her without even giving a clue there is a problem? Once the initial shock settles, one hopefully finds a good attorney. With so many attorneys out there, you might think that it would be a fairly easy task, especially in the DC area. WRONG!

At first I thought that a female attorney would be a good choice. After meeting with three highly-recommended female divorce attorneys from different law offices, I learned the following: (1) Many attorneys do not know marital laws – they assume that because Virginia is a commonwealth, that outcomes of all cases will be the same (2) Many attorneys either don’t know or don’t care about the rights of military spouses (3) Many attorneys have absolutely no empathy, regardless of the situation.

These three realizations lead me to my second option…find a qualified attorney on the internet after posting my case. I figured it couldn’t get any worse at that point! I was correct! Mr. Joe DiPietro contacted me about my case. It turns out he had helped my family with a small financial case a few years earlier. He recognized my name on the legal site and contacted me. Had I realized that he was a family law attorney from the start, I would have contacted him immediately. I’d thought he only did financial types of cases. Mr. DiPietro took the time to get the facts and check the laws. Mr. DiPietro also has empathy, which is sorely lacking in the legal world.

Mr. DiPietro took my case to court and the judge ordered immediate temporary spousal support (a very fair amount). I won’t bore with details, but what could have turned into a very expensive divorce a year later, ended up being monetarily settled very much to my advantage, without additional expense of discovery, etc. I will always be grateful to Joe DiPietro. He took my situation very seriously and was always available. He is determined, patient, quick to respond in communication, and mostly, a man of character. Thanks Joe!

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