Property Division

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After issues involving children, the most complex part of most divorces is property division. Each party wants to maximize his or her share and will often try to get more. To protect your rights and make sure you are treated fairly, you should work with a proven family law firm in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC.

At DiPietro Family Law Group, we thoroughly understand all relevant property division laws, and we use that knowledge to help our clients receive the portion of the estate that they truly deserve. Property division is often contentious, because the parties not only want to retain the majority of the assets, but also because they do not want to be responsible for taking on debts. Our property division attorneys understand these concerns and provide detail-oriented, thorough counsel regarding the division of all types of property including:

  • The family home(s)
  • Rental property
  • Business property
  • Businesses
  • Hidden assets
  • Personal property
  • Investments and retirement accounts
  • Pensions and 401(k)
  • Can a person insert an anti-modification of spousal support clause in the settlement agreement?

  • Can property I owned before the marriage be divided in my divorce?

  • How can I keep my spouse from selling property before we divorce in Virginia?

  • In my Virginia divorce case, can we decide ourselves how to divide our property?

  • Will I get to keep my house, car, and property after my divorce in Virginia?

  • What is equitable distribution?

  • What types of property classifications are there?

  • Will property owned overseas be part of my divorce?

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