Spousal Support Maryland

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  • Who gets spousal support in Maryland and why?

  • What are the factors that go into a spousal support determination in Maryland?

  • If I receive an inheritance, does this affect spousal support in any way in Maryland?

  • If a spouse remarries, does this terminate obligation to pay spousal support in MD?

  • If a spouse commits adultery does this behavior result in an increase in spousal support?

  • How is spousal support calculated in Maryland?

  • How does spousal support affect the calculation of child support in Maryland?

  • How does a spouses earning capacity affect spousal support in Maryland?

  • How do I enforce a support order in Maryland?

  • Can spousal support be modified or terminated in Maryland?

  • Can my ex-spouse terminate my spousal support in Maryland?

  • Can a person limit their exposure to spousal support by having a prenuptial agreement in Maryland?

  • Can a person insert an anti-modification of spousal support clause in the property?

  • Can a Maryland court order alimony payments during a divorce or separation case?

  • Can a court award two kinds of spousal support at the same time in Maryland?

  • Are there any guidelines in Maryland for alimony like those judges use in child support cases?

  • Can men seek spousal support in Maryland?

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