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What If You Discover During Divorce Proceedings That Your Spouse Cheated?

It’s always devastating to learn of a spouse’s infidelity — even after you’ve already decided to pursue divorce. Unfortunately, this discovery can create additional difficulties in an already tense situation. Does infidelity count as grounds for divorce if you weren’t originally aware of it? Can you change up your approach this late in the game? […]

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Am I Really Considering Separation and Divorce?

          By Guest Blogger, Elizabeth Perwin, LCSW-C The decision to end a marriage is huge.  Sometimes there are compelling reasons to do so, and it’s a healthy conclusion to protracted pain and suffering. Sometimes marriages end because couples get frustrated by the inevitable emotional gridlock that intimate relationships create.  All couples eventually […]

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New Research Says These 5 Factors Can Predict Whether A Couple Will Get Divorced

Few spouses enter marriage assuming they’ll one day divorce, and yet, dissolution remains common among today’s couples. Divorce is far from inevitable, however, especially for college-educated couples who marry after age 25. Curious as to your likelihood of divorce? Keep an eye out for these predictive factors: Age at Marriage Today’s young adults wait longer […]

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How Much Stress Do Children Put On Relationships?

Kids transform even the happiest, most care-free marriages. Sleepless nights, strained finances, and social isolation can test the strongest relationships. The good news? It gets better. Read on to learn about the role kids could play in your relationship: The Bad News: Children Reduce Relationship Satisfaction It doesn’t take a genius to understand that stress […]

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divorce gene

Is There a Divorce Gene? What Role Does Genetics Play in Divorce?

Ample research indicates that children with divorced parents are more likely to also divorce. Previously, experts assumed that children simply modeled their parents’ relationship patterns, thereby increasing the likelihood of dissolution. New evidence, however, turns this version of nature versus nurture on its head. Genetics likely plays a greater role in divorce than once assumed, […]

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Setting Goals After You Divorce—The Right Way, According to Science

Goal-setting is a natural response to divorce. Equipped with more time and, perhaps, a better budget, you hope to embrace your new life in a way not possible while married. Exercise caution; the wrong goals or approach could harm your post-divorce well-being. Ready to get started? Follow these steps to develop realistic goals that deliver […]

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