Virginia Divorce and Family Law

Separating While Going Through a Major Medical Event—Survival Strategies

Cancer, autoimmune diseases and other medical struggles can strain even the strongest marriages. Some couples manage to pull through, while others find the difficulties impossible to weather together. Divorce can provide ample relief for couples struggling through medical catastrophe, but it also adds new burdens. The healthy spouse may be forced to divorce on grounds […]

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divorce in 2017

Eye-Opening Statistics About Americans and Divorce in 2017

Modern marriage and divorce looks little like it did just a few decades ago. Today’s couples may be less likely to marry, but they’re also less likely to divorce. Prenups and divorce selfies are increasingly common in this strange new world. Read on to learn more about the role divorce plays in 2017, and how […]

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How Proposed Changes to United States Tax Law Could Impact Divorce

As Congress pores over prospective tax cuts, worried Americans obsessively analyze the impact these changes might have on the middle class. Projections offer extensive insight on future tax returns, but with the assumption that those impacted by upcoming changes are either single or married. What about divorced taxpayers? Turns out, some divorcees could see significant […]

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second divorce

Remembering and Understanding the Lessons of Your First Divorce to Get Through Your Second Divorce

Ample research indicates that second and third marriages hold greater potential for divorce. Unfortunately, this information is little comfort as you tackle the complications of yet another dissolution. If there’s one source of comfort during this difficult time, it’s the knowledge that you made it through divorce once before—and you can again. Furthermore, you know […]

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millennial divorce

The Unique Aspects of Millennial Divorce

Although stereotyped as the cohabitation generation, Millennials aspire to marriage. They’re less likely to divorce than Generation X and Baby Boomer spouses, and when they do separate, the process looks vastly different than it did in the past. Increased Likelihood of Prenuptial Agreements Divorce differences between generations begin long before couples choose to split. In […]

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